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In most cases a heat exchanger can rupture and flood a hydraulic oil reservoir with water. Consequently, it may take 4-6 oil changes to completely remove water from a system which can become costly. Therefore, utilizing our kidney loop flushing service is a great cost effective solution. Purified Lubricants’ system removes emulsified water from oil that may reside within system lines and cavities. Most importantly, service can be performed while the machine continues to operate which eliminates downtime.

Furthermore, we are also capable of replenishing lost additives back into the fluid. We work with top additive manufactures to provide industry-leading additives to help improve anti-wear performance and oxidation protection. Incidentally, two different viscosity hydraulic oils can become mixed together. In any case, we have the capability to readjust the viscosity to meet each customer’s requirements.

Heat-treating fluids play an important role in obtaining favorable cooling curve indexes and proper metal cooling temperatures. Consequently, over time quench oils begin to collect soot contamination that can act as catalysts that promote oxidation. This soot will eventually turn into sludge which can build up in the bottom of furnace pits. However, it is our recommendation that heat-treating facilities annually clean out the bottom of their furnaces. With this in mind, we can suction and reclaim oil from the downed furnace yielding a reusable product.

As a result, removing soot from the quench oil will extend its life and enhance optimal cooling properties. Many clients use skimming apparatuses on their post heat treating washer units. This skimmed quench oil can collect over time and become a great candidate for reclamation. Therefore, our service can provide cost saving benefits to heat-treating companies.

Accidental fires can occur in quench oil furnaces. Many times the extinguishing system and/or fire department contaminates the quench oil with water or CO2. Instead of waste hauling this contaminated oil, utilize our services to remove the water/CO2 contamination from the oil. This eliminates the need to purchase new makeup oil.

Bolt manufacturers, screw manufactures, etc. can lose large volumes of lube oil due to machinery leakage. Our service removes dirt contamination from leaked lube oil as it collects in sumps or runs on the floor. We work with top additive manufactures to provide industry-leading extreme pressure additives to help improve performance.

High levels of water and particulate contamination can be detrimental to the life of a turbine bearing.  Our vacuum dehydration system is able to remove emulsified water levels below 50 parts per million which can give bearings up to an additional 200% life and performance.

Our kidney loop flushing service allows us to connect directly to the turbine lube oil reservoir and flush the system while it continues to operate. With the installation of jumpers we can bypass the bearing and purify the oil before it enters critical components. Once the fluid has reached the desired cleanliness, the bearing can be opened and flushed with clean fluid.

In the power generation industry reducing downtime is a must. Our reclamation not only provides a cost saving benefit, but also reduces unit downtime while increasing fluid longevity.

Performing complete oil change outs on transformers seems like it may be the solution, however much of the oxidized/contaminated oil can still reside in the system therefore transferring the contamination into the virgin oil. Our portable vacuum dehydration systems for sale or rent are designed to remove acids, dirt/sludge, and gases from transformer oils such as Hydrogen, Methane, Ethane, etc. from reservoirs. Our systems also remove high water/moisture levels to bring the fluid back to optimal performance specifications.