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Oil purification unit rentals are a perfect fit for obtaining a cost effective approach compared to new oil purchasing.  Furthermore, rentals allow clients to purify industrial fluids without incurring the expense of a new unit purchase.  We have various GPM models available for rent, hence these units are ideal for filtering out dirt and dehydrating emulsified water contamination.  This eliminates the need for multiple oil change outs in reservoirs.

Rental units arrive at each customer’s facility ready for operation.  First and foremost, the rental period begins when the unit arrives at your location and ends upon pickup.  This avoids the rental occurring during the transportation period.  In addition, all rental units arrive with suction hose and return hose included.

Finally, unit rentals are also a great addition to a new or existing preventative maintenance program.  They ensure consistent reservoir fluid cleanliness and promote fluid/machine component longevity.  Unit rentals are user friendly, therefore allowing simple operation and ease of use.  Our customer service technicians are available to assist you in your rental application.

Vacuum Dehydration unit Rentals

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