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Vacuum Dehydration Units & Oil Filtration Systems

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Oil purification systems are ideal for dehydrating, degassing and the removal of particulate contamination in lube oil, hydraulic fluid or insulating oils.  In fact, several applications include oil reservoir purification in manufacturing facilities and power industries where oil can become contaminated.  Furthermore, these systems are available in a variety of sizes with process flow rates ranging from 1.5 GPM to 100 GPM.  As a result, oils can be restored to meet dryness levels of less than 30 ppm which improves bearing life.  A filtration combination allows fluids to obtain the most stringent ISO cleanliness codes, hence improving oil performance and promoting fluid longevity.

Compact 5 GPM Vacuum Dehydration

10 GPM vacuum dehydration

Trailer Mounted 20 GPM

Compact 5 GPM
10 GPM
Trailer Mounted 20 GPM

20 GPM Vacuum Dehydration

30 GPM Vacuum dehydration

50 GPM Vacuum Dehydration

20 GPM
30 GPM
50 GPM Vac. Unit, 3-28-17 Ver. 2

Oil Filtration Systems AND OIL FLUSHING SKIDS

Flush Skid Filter View (003)
Flush Skid Panel View (003)

Customers can choose from a wide range of high velocity flow rates, configurations, and oil filtration options. Furthermore, these oil purification systems may also include adsorptive media to remove organic contaminants or unwanted dissolved compounds.  In conclusion, oil purification units can be a great source of promoting overall fluid cleanliness and cost savings.