Recognizing the Causes and Hazards of Silt Lock

Do you know about silt lock? This common condition causes motion impediment failure in certain machines. While this type of failure usually doesn’t involve wear or permanent internal damage to the machine, it is sudden and abrupt. Silt lock is the result of solid contamination and is amplified by other conditions that must be controlled where possible. It is most often associated with hydraulic systems and produces seizure or jamming of components.



Choosing a High-speed Grease

Most industrial facilities have bearings that rotate faster than normal processing equipment. When it comes to lubricating these pieces of equipment, not all lubricants behave the same way. For grease-lubricated components, the effects of the grease on the bearings can lead to increased heat, drag and ultimately premature failure. By properly selecting a grease that can handle these higher speeds, you can help minimize any potential failures caused by mismatching the lubricant to the application.



The Truth About Bright Stock Oils

“I often hear the term ‘bright stock’ in reference to certain oils. Can you explain what this term means and how bright stock oils are different than other oils?”

The term “bright stock” refers to the base oil. Generally, a Group I base oil is described as either solvent neutral (SN) or bright stock (BS). These types of oils are used in the production of lubricants and lubricant additives but usually do not include additives.


6 Steps for Fixing Hydraulic Hoses

Many vehicles, pieces of equipment and industrial machines use hydraulic hoses. These hoses generally are quite durable and reliable, but if you work or drive long enough, eventually one will break. When this happens, it is best to contact a certified professional who specializes in testing and repairing hydraulic hoses. However, in a pinch you may need to perform a field repair until you can reach a professional. Temporarily fixing a hydraulic hose is not as daunting of a task as one may think. Once the process is broken down into its six steps, the repair can be quite easy.