Flow Rates for Off-line Filtration

“Many of the available side-stream (portable) filter systems have low flow rates, and I am concerned that it might not be circulating enough oil to get ahead of the contaminant level. What is considered to be a good target flow rate for side-stream filtration?”



When is It Hot Enough for a Synthetic?

“My supplier is pushing hard to move his synthetic gear oils into my operation. His position is that the units run too hot for long-term use of mineral oils. At what temperature should I switch to a synthetic lubricant for a non-circulated gearbox?”



The Future of Hydraulic Oil Filtration

Achieving proper cleanliness levels in today’s hydraulic systems requires the successful capture and removal of contaminants. Filtration must be done in a way that doesn’t disrupt the flow of oil, or unduly increase the pressure drop within the system. It’s a delicate balance between system design and efficiency.



Consider Machine Alignment to Avoid Equipment Failures

After several years of working in maintenance, I have found that there’s no replacement for proper machine alignment. In every training course I teach for Noria, I explain that there isn’t a lubricant that can protect against misalignment. With this in mind, along with the thousands of machines that die every year due to improper alignment, it’s time to take the necessary steps to further your reliability program.