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Providing Oil Reclamation Service Since 1982

Oil never loses its lubricating properties. It calls for the removal of solid contaminants, water, and re-blending of additives. Purified Lubricants provides these services for less. For your convenience, we guarantee the highest oil quality with more value all performed on-site. With the technology to meet and exceed ALL manufacturers’ ISO cleanliness requirements, we can exceed your oil specifications:

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Purified Lubricants

Vacuum Dehydration


Ultra Fine Filtration


To maximize the life of your oil, we identify and remove all harmful contaminants. Purified Lubricants uses a vacuum dehydration process to achieve pure oil quality. We never remove oil additives with our process. Instead, we remove volatile contaminants such as water. Our water removal process offers many rewarding results:


During the ultra fine filtration process, we use state of the art filtration technology to remove sub-micron particles from oil. Benefits of ultra fine filtration include:

  • Reduces premature oxidation
  • Improves bearing life
  • Prevents the corrosion of machine components
  • Reduces premature failure and excessive wear due to reduced lubricating ability
  • Extended pump and servo valve life.
  • Significantly reduces hydraulic component surface abrasion, which can cause improper sealing and poor performance.
  • Substantially increases the life of hydraulic and lubrication systems.
  • All quality assured, we guarantee our processed oil will meet and even exceed ANY equipment manufacturer specification for ISO cleanliness.